Slow speed with eSata


first of all - sorry for my bad english - I’m German.

I installed a Drobo S with eSata because of (hopefully) fast speed (Win7).
Copying from another eSata-drive to the Drobo starts with about 80-100 MB/sec, a speed which I think is good and normal for eSata.
But after copying some GB the speed slows down more and more to - at the end - about 30-40 MB/sec.

Does anyone know the reason and a solution?

Thanks and regards

What kind of eSata card do you have installed on your computer?

Is it a dual port?

So you are copying from 1 eSata drive to your Drobo S?

I tried on three different (board: ASUS Rampage Extreme II):

  • the ASUS-onboard which I put twwo ports to the outside
  • the JMICRON which is also on board
  • an additional card (don’t know the brand at the moment) which is listed as “Silicon Image SiI 4124 SoftRaid 5 Controller”

My other eSata drives worh with full speed on all 3 of the above.

Dual Port? don’t know what it means exactly …

  • the onboard has 6 ports
  • Jmicron has 1 port
  • the additional card has 4 ports

Yes, I’m coping from an eSata drive to the Drobo S

What kind of speeds are you getting when copying to and from the Drobo S to your computer?

Here is a list of the supported eSata Cards: