Slow performance

Hello -

I have a Drobo S with three drives installed. Performance feels sluggish.

Just ran the AJA test and got :

Write 35.2 MB/s
Read : 58.6 MB/s

with a 1.0GB file

Is that normal? Am connected via Firewire 800 on a Mac Mini.


That sounds reasonable.

What kind of performance do you need/expect?

Drobo is not a high-speed RAID, its purpose is to prevent data loss in the event of a drive failure, and allow you to easily expand storage by adding/upgrading drives.

Hmmm. Have I been sold a pup?

To quote the website :

"In addition to blazing fast transfer speeds for creative professionals and small businesses, "

Wouldn’t expect high speed raid, but I could I not have expected the same kind of performance as a 5400rpm internal drive?



Drobo is rather liberal with their concept of “blazing fast.” Speed has never been a feature of Drobo products.
Sorry, mate. If you were expecting anything close to single-drive speeds, maybe you did “pull a package” or were “sold a pup.”

Oh well - thanks.

Guess I’ll have to look at the Promise version or something similar.

Thanks anyway -


yeah - drobo is simple to use, but not as fast as it could be

my synology’s rarely/never drops below 100MB/sec (which is pretty much bumping against the limits of the GbE its connected via)


Thanks - Never heard of Synology. Will look them up.


Although we do use our Drobo Pro at the office (and at tradeshows) for video, it’s a very different product and usage compared to a typical RAID-0 or RAID-5 solution.

@ daviesap

you want to look up synology, qnap, thecus (and maybe netgaear’s NAS line) as higher performing alternatives