Slow Dashboard

Hi all - running a new 5N - fantastic device but very slow Dashboard-Application. Do you guys also have to wait several seconds before changes in the ui happen? The 5N itself is very fast (transfer above 90MB/s).
Running the latest Dashboard Version 2.6.2 on an Mac (10.9.4)
Any ideas?

the recognition of the Drobo sometimes takes a bit but once it’s found navigating through the UI should be fast and smooth.

Could you make an example what you do before you need to wait?

We had a problem waiting for Dashboard to load. Even though we had a DHCP reserved on the router AND manually defined the IP on the Drobo. The solution was to go to DashBoard Preferences -> Drobo Discovery Settings -> then Check the box next to “Enable auto-discovery” AND Manually Add Drobo by IP and enable it.

I don’t know why this worked, it was suggested by Drobo Support, but it took the discovery time down from timing out sometimes to about 10 seconds before the Drobo 5n would show up in the dashboard. As MPanzof said, once recognized, navigation is smooth and fast.

Yeah that worked. Thank you!