Slow browsing to Drobo FS

I notice that the more shares I add to the Drobo FS, the slower mounting them and browsing to the Drobo takes. Has anyone else seen this? Is it a firmware thing that will be fixed in the future or should I just reduce the number of shares…

How many shares have you created?
How many users are connecting to the FS at the same time?

This is all in preliminary testing, so just 1 user, running Mac OS 10.6.3

There are 13 shares on the Drobo

Can I ask why you need 13 shares for 1 user?

I also use a lot of shares, because I am setting up to share with others later. This allows for compartmentalized sharing (ie, you can see this, and this other can see that, but only I can see all of it).

Still waiting on Oxygen Cloud.

Well, I have created 20 shares on my FS and seeing no slow down when browsing to any share. Not even to the ones that have been filled with data.

I just reduced my share count down, and there was a huge increase in browsing speed. There is a definite correlation between the number of shares and the speed of browsing and mounting them under mac os 10.6.3.

I’ll see if I can duplicate that on my Mac.

Please open a support case.