Slow boot with OSX 10.7 Lion and Drobo Firewire

I have a Drobo V2 connected via Firewire to my Mac Pro. I upgraded to Lion and noticed that my boot time had increased significantly. When my Mac gets to the login screen the system is non responsive for a few minutes before i can log in. I checked console and see the following errors late in the boot process:

7/22/11 12:21:36.000 PM kernel: V1.4.0: TrustedData_driver_VendorSpecificType00::vendorSpecificPassThroughIn(): SendCommand failed, status != good, serviceResponse = 2, TaskStatus: 30
7/22/11 12:21:36.000 PM kernel: V1.4.0: TrustedData_UserClient_SCSIType00::vendorSpecificPassThroughIn() returning failure from driver: 3758097084

Drobo dashboard installs the TrustedDataSCSIDriver kernel extension so i’m thinking this is a problem with their code.

However, when i connect the Drobo using USB, the errors do not appear in the log and the boot process is quick.

Any ideas?

I got the same error messages but instead of slow boot, my Drobo Gen 2 will just stop responding to the OS and needs to be rebooted by recycling the power. Thus far, I have not detect any pattern that triggers this error but it has been very frustrating.