sloooowwww migrating data to fs

hi - first time drobo owner, just received my fs. trying to consolidate data onto it from various external hd’s but it is taking FOREVER. fs is plugged directly into giga-ethernet port on imac, no router or switch. hd’s are firewire.

typical first time estimate is ususally about 1 minute per GB, e.g. 240GB starts off at ‘4 hours.’ but it typically gets a gig or two in and then starts to slow and then stop. time stretches out to 10 hours, then 20 then 70, and there doesn’t seem to be any progress. it’s not frozen, as clicking ‘cancel’ (eventually) breaks off the transfer and gives me my finder back.

have checked the internal hd’s on drobo, all brand-new caviar greens from new egg and working fine. i tried moving files from one external to another before transfering to drobo in case one was faulty but no go. ethernet seems fine on computer but not sure how to test that conclusively. os x 10.6.2

i’ve read that the drobo can be slow, and am fine with that as a tradeoff for data security, but this is unconscionably slow. thoughts?

I’m also having this same issue with AFP. It’s intermittent, and when it happens, it’s hard to even eject the shared volume, but that may be b/c AFP is trying to write to the share before umount. I noticed that Samba (which is always fast) seems to take priority over AFP.

I saw this post; maybe this is the answer:

I didn’t run Time Tamer; I should try that.

update: it both is and isn’t the drobo. it appears somehow the brand-new share somehow got damaged or something, b/c trying to copy the same files to another share worked fine. so i deleted that faulty share and am moving on… altho it didn’t give me massive confidence in the shares…

I have a similar problem. Transfer by TM starts out at 25MB/s over GBEth but quickly drops to 5-8MB/s

Man, I missed this post when I posted mine above. I’m seeing the same thing with my new FS. I’m at almost 15 hours to write 200GB to the drobo over gigabit ethernet. *|: 3.78 meg a second. vom.

If you would, let us know if you hear anything about how to fix this.

What kind of transfer speeds to you see when the FS is directly connected to the NIC card on your computer?

I believe the OP has his set up like this. Mine is set up with my timecapsule (gigabit in and out). I would try to check for you, but honestly after over 15 hours now I am reticent to unplug it at the moment. I started it last night assuming it would finish while I was sleeping, but this has made it sort of difficult to work today and I don’t really feel like repeating the process tomorrow.

I will try to remove the router and plug it in directly soon for you. Do I need a crossover cable or will the normal patch cable provided suffice?


I let this run over night and it did not get any better. Restarted box and mac several times no different. Total backup about 1.6TB with no improvement. However much I might like the slick interface and BeyondRaid, this thing is going back. Sniff sniff.

For me I was looking at about a 10 day backup time for my 4TB of data. Not to mention the fight with TM not being officially supported and not showing past days. and now I’m going back to tradiational RAID.[hr]

Same. 5MB/s. But only works if I boot up the FS before I power on the MacPro. Otherwise Drobo Dashboard does not see the drive.

No crossover cable. Just cat 5/6 cable, the one that comes with the FS.

I have a MacPro running 10.6 and I had to power up the Drobo before the mac for Dashboard to see the drive. I’m sure there is a way to force this once powered on… but this worked for me.

(PS maybe I have the power up sequence backwards, try both ways)

Dashboard seemed to find the FS when I powered it up - definitely took minute or two after the blue lights “added up” tho (which I assume is a booting progress bar.) As in I just had to wait for a bit as I assume Dashboard polled the LAN.

Is the FS mounting to your computers at all when dashboard isn’t connecting?

Never mind on this one. The Drobo FS’ firmware drive filled to capacity, or, at least, that’s what the diagnostic log said. The Drobo was essentially dead, and I lost all of my data. I tried resetting the Drobo, but no luck. I returned it to Newegg.com.

OP has his FS connected directly into the back of his iMac via ethernet, no switch nor router. was having terrible speeds, i suspect infinitely slow but i never hung in there to the end as it seemed to be a receding horizon. tried both crossover and regular cat5 cable, as it seems os x can sniff out which is which and adjust. same result with each. finally trashed share and am getting solid speeds to another share.

currently trying to figure out nature of shares, i.e. if they have set size limit or if each share is infinitely expandable up to size of drobo.

also curious if there is some filesize or file number limitation to SMB transfer or something that was potentially holding me back, as i was transferring 500GB of music …

what I want to know is how many people are having these slow issues, direct cable to pc is 15 mb/s, wireless is maxed at 2 mb/s


I decided to keep my Drobo for the family server (stuck a hand full of old 1TB drives in it, using two WD Studio II 4TB drives to backup video and photos).

After having it installed and powered on for a few days everything is now at FULL SPEED of 25MB/s. This is essentially the maximum for Gigabit Ethernet.

So just need to wait a while and everything should be good.