Skin care for healthy skin

any way you want it pushes get way Obama always up so that the muscle well pull get back because you don’t want to have liked it to be face n this will really increase blood circulation it’ll help with the elasticity of the skin and it’s also a great makeup remover especially for waterproof mascara I don’t like using am anyway kind of pad their way it says things on my face especially on I think when I’m really lot when I’m moving my makeup always keep your hair face especially he had like Bain do something United take a lot of great got do you think it hot at 10:30 try to pin them back to grow them out or whatever because it really not so good he just gets you xk8I’m constant like ready your hair and edited is to not wear let me cut because it’s not good for your skin no makeup is good it don’t believe like you know I have tightened they could meet community a healthy skin it’s not good for your skin so I have nothing against rainmaker I left where they got bad it is not that great game so really if you do wear makeup then try to flash every single bit of it off and S&S you I’m not going out anymore or you get home from school or that you just don’t need to a make up the just Russia top my personal advice is just a tad not to wear as she got black just kind of like play a key I platelets in the national league is getting bad because it does 13 it you know it can’t be like that and yeah makeup all day and anything into remember to ask the athletic ways and she desperately million times we spy but it’s true in thought the aging process by like idea how many years and you know it easy these days to find
revitify anti aging cream
good moisturizer with SPF in it so it’s not like you have to go I did you diskette a moisturizer I have SBI and only have to wait and everything that he likes whereby if Jake time what a water will help your skin glow it’ll help it keep it for bashed and beautiful looking a lot of green tea and I recommend pt2like every single person because it that greatly had so many good benefit and it tastes good to me personally so what agreement he definitely and also together underpayment in your vegetables in healthy skin yeah it’s about how you take care of it but it’s also about what you put in your body and then what shows is one thing those are pretty much the little tips n I’m product that I have to show for you have so I hope you should enjoy this video any questions down below if I forgot season paying them into something like and do something that just leaving crash in and out this form to: and I’m help did you enjoy this video and found it helpful and I love you guys and miss you and I’m so happy to be back making videos and also leave me any in the past that you have gambled air and arm yeah that’s pretty much it so I would have to have been.