Size of the pin that plugs into the original 4 bay Drobo

Morning all,

What is the size of the power pin that plugs into the original 4 bay drobo?

My PSU has broken and I am having problems sourcing a new one due to not knowing the size of the adaptor.

Any ideas?

Anybody have any ideas? I guess it must be a special size I have bought 4 different PSUs from my local shop and none fit.

hi mister whistles,
i had a look at my gen1 and gen2 4bay drobos and while i couldnt lift up the psus all the way for being tangled up, i think i was able to read the model numbers and some info which may help you. (the 8 may have been a B, or an O a zero, but please find some info here for you about my models:

my gen1
psu make = global power make
psu model = A7-80S12R-W
says 12v 6.7a out (80watt max)

and my gen2
psu make = edac
psu model = EA11003A
btw if your drobo has usb and firewire then its a gen2
but if you only have a usb slot, then its a gen1

Thanks, yes mine is EA11003A(50), I can’t find one for sale anywhere in the UK.

ah ok, maybe if the store doesnt have them anymore for being legacy, there might be some other auction sites that might have them. ebay you might have tried, but if not could be good to try (even including international sellers is a good idea) (slightly worrying to hear as while mine works ok, i would need to source one if it failed in the future - but no worries, i wont compete with you just yet) :smiley:

(i seem to remember another user saying that they got a 2nd gen able to work with the 1st, but its probably not recommended)

please let us know if you find one though,