Single red LED no matter what I do ??

Hi :slight_smile:

I’m pretty much at the end of my options here so any help would be great.

I’m running a drobo on OSX with no problems until just recently.
the drobo has 3x 2TB drives and 1x 1TB drive on the top and it just went RED on day.
I had another 1TB drive sitting around so i popped that in and let the drobo do its thing, after a lot of hours theres that RED light again!!

well, money is tight so i swapped in the original 1TB drive and the drobo starts to rebuild again.

and theres that RED light sitting looking at me.

so i order a 2TB drive, it arrives i pop it in and the drobo works away fro a good while.

STILL the RED light!

i unplug, i replug, no difference, i mutter incantations to the digital deities, still RED.
try the 1TB drive, rebuild, still red

Eventually put the 2TB back in and bingo!!! 4 green LEDS I am happy i get some work done, figuring it was just a glitch in the matrix.
I make the mistake of switching off as im going away for the week, and when i come back and switch things on, there is that RED LED again defiantly smirking at me.

I’ve tried a different FW port, I’ve tried just the USB, Ive tried removing all drives and re seating them.

I feel I have tried EVERYTHING…

the only possible problem i have left with no real way of testing is that the SATA connector or something internal has broken just enough to make the drobo not see the drive…

has anyone heard of this??

please help ?? :slight_smile:

there is of course a LOT of data on the thing and it isnt protected, and its all rather upsetting after 3.5 ish years trouble free service.

any advice on what to do next would be greatly appreciated


Is it just one of the drive bay LEDs that is RED?

Is it blinking RED, or just solid RED?

Solid RED simply means you’re running low on storage space.

Blinking RED means the drive in that bay is bad and needs to be replaced.

Regardless, your first order of business, assuming you can access your data is to back it up!
Drobo’s fault tolerance is not a substitute for backup. :slight_smile:

cheers for the reply :slight_smile:

it was a solid RED. even though i had more that a TB of free space just prior (with the 1TB drive)

when i added the 2TB drive drobo dashboard was telling me NO FREE SPACE! and the single solid RED Light.

i don’t understand how there can be no free space after upgrading to an even bigger drive?



Which Drobo model do you have?
Are you using Single Disk Redundancy, or Dual Disk Redundancy?
How much storage are you actually using?

According to the Drobolator you should have 4.5 TB available for data with your 3 x 2TB + 1 x 1TB drive configuration in Single-Disk Redundancy, or 2.7 TB in Dual-Disk Redundancy.

hi bhiga

single disk redundancy, 4 bay drobo with one USB port and 2 FW ports (FW 800)

i don’t think thats the original original :slight_smile: but the updated original

none of your “S” or multi bay drobos :slight_smile: … i wish!

dashboard currently says 4.5TB used with a 2,2,2,1 TB config. but i KNOW there is no way that is accurate.

something else i forgot to mention, i named the drobo


thinking in the future I would have at least another one and didn’t want them confused. now it comes up on drobo dashboard as


so something odd is going on

im waiting on a rebuild to finnish then im going to back everything up, try a reset and a few other things, that will involve time patients and likely banging my head against something as i wait :smiley:

sorry for the delay in reply, life intrudes on online time here and there :slight_smile:


that could just be the volume names (assuming you set it all up initially to be max 2tb volumes?)

hi paul :slight_smile:

i set it up initially as one single 8TB drive.

more odd behaviour, the drobo finished its rebuild last night with the 2,2,2,1TB config. and still showed the single RED light. i went to bed cheesed off.

this morning after a resetof the drobo, and still the single RED light, I plugged in a 1TB drive (via USB) to back up data and just as i finished formating that drive the drobo showed 4 GREEN lights reports itself healthy with 2.78TB used and 1.74TB free!

I am happy!

I unplugged the back up drive and immediately the drobo shows up the Single RED light… ARGH!
so i Plug the backup drive back in, and after a few minutes the drobo shows all GREEN again!!!

very odd.

I’ve since plugged in a 2.5" system backup drive and unplugged the 1TB backup and the drobo is still showing all GREEN, so as far as i can work out i can’t have the drobo working properly if its the ONLY drive plugged into the Mac.

very odd, but at least i have a repeatable situation where everything seems to be working.

currently backing up 700 odd GBs though, with more to go :slight_smile:

once my backups are done, some time in the next week as i will be going away for a few days, I intend to slot my 2TB drive into the top problem slot on the drobo.

if anyone knows whats going on or whats causing this apparently odd behaviour then i’d be very grateful :slight_smile:

thanks for all the replys so far, very helpful to feel not quite so alone.

What is the status of the Drobo per Dashboard when the drive indicator is red?

Odd behavior indeed… By chance you don’t have more than one of the interface connections connected, do you?

In other words, there are only two cables connected to the back of the Drobo - 1 power, and 1 data (USB or Firewire), yes?