Since we're talking about online backups...

…how do you guys feel about memopal.com ?

I ask because I kind of managed to get their linux client running on the FS*.

Anyone got horror stories, or any reason not to use their services?

*) Here is the technical breakdown: I downloaded the memopal client for Ubuntu 10.10, and used qemu to start it. After copying a lot of libraries from the compiler VM, the client does start, and I can even access the embedded web server. It got stuck before the syncing started, which means I’m missing some stuff, but I think this one might actually work.


Update: I got it working. Look at this beauty: http://imgur.com/a/kzAC3

I have to say, their 49$/year for 200GB is mighty appealing…

hi ricardo
i never heard of memopal before until now (as far as i remember) but what sounds interesting is is looks like they will keep all versions of backed up files to be found later. (and that others like mozy which i use, would just have it for 30days)

not too sure how it works (maybe just keeps each version of each file and forms part of your GB limit)