Simplest/fastest way to backup 15TB from one Drobo to another

I’m looking to backup my B810n to a 5D. What is the best way? The B810n only has ethernet and the 5D uses USB and Thunderbolt. Is it as simple as using Explorer to copy/paste or does the Drobo dashboard have a feature to do this?

Yes, basically, unless you have symbolic links in the file-system that explorer may handle poorly.

I’d personally recommend Robocopy (included in Windows) for the task, since it can restart on glitches, there’s a useful GUI for it called “Easy Robocopy” (Search engines are your friend, I dislike linking third party software directly) which makes deciding on command-line options a matter of checkboxes.

Explorer copy/paste often results in file fragmentation, & since Drobo advise against defragmenting, it’s worth nothing that the command-line tool “Robocopy” is built to copy files while also avoiding fragmentation, plus integrity checking in the process I’ll admit it is slower than explorer copy/paste though.
I’m not aware of any dashboard feature.

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Thanks. I was going to cut n paste via Explorer but you’ve changed my mind about that. I am using the Easy Robocopy approach. A shame Drobo A) dropped off the face of the planet and B) didn’t include a means of doing this via the Dashboard.

It took a few days for 13TB but so far, so good. Thanks for the suggestion.