Shut Down

I always shut down my Mac and all connected equipment when I leave the house. All the devices are powered through one power strip with a switch. First I shut down the Mac, than I flip the switch to cut the power and turn off my display, usb hub, external hard drives, etc. I would like to keep this workflow.

Now I got my Drobo and it seems like every-time I shut everything down I first have to crawl under my desk and take off the Drobo’s front cover in order to see if it is ready to be shut down (orange light). This is a major inconvenience. Is there another way?

I have to solutions for you, one is more useful than the other.

– Move the Drobo from under your desk?

– Use the Dashboard to put the Drobo to sleep. It will disappear from your desktop. Then it is safe to power everything down.

When you turn off your computer, the drobo goes into standby.
You can notice this behavior with all the drive lights going off.
You don’t have to remove the face plate to see the power light go amber.

Thank you very much!

I have not been powering down my drobo when I turn off my computer–should I? I just put it into standby (yellow light). I thought you only power down when you leave for an “extended period of time” (what does that mean–a month or more?)

What about when I connect my drobo to another computer via firewire. Should the power be off before connecting it to my other computer?

I have two computers and use them both frequently, and use my drobos frequently with one or the other. Now I am worried that I should be powering down all the time…when I turn my computers off, and when I change which computer I connect my drobo to… Thanks for any help!

When you change computers, yes you need to power down.
Put into standby, then remove the FW cable then then the power.
Move to new computer, plug in FW cable FIRST then power.

You don’t have to power down the drobo if you are shutting down your computer.
It’s recommended if you aren’t going to be home in case of power outage due to storms or what not.
Loss of power can cause corruption. Even if you are in standby mode.