Show used space for each partition in dashboard


is it possible to show the partition size, the used space, free space (of the partition) and the free space (until a new hard drive should be added)?

At the moment I’m running the Drobo 2nd Generation with four 1TB hard disks. For now I can see that I have 1.6TB in use and 1.11TB left. I also see the two partitions and the used space on them.

But I want to know when a new hard disk is needed.

Regards, Nils.

At about 85% full the drobo will give you a yellow light on an empty bay or your smallest drive bay to let you know that you should think about upsizing or add a new drive soon.

At about 95% full the drobo will give you a solid red light.

Hi Jennifer,

thank you, I know that. But is it possible to show the free space for each partition? Or does the Drobo internally do not really use partitions? So the free space is shared?

Regards, Nils.

The data is spread thru out the drives. It is not broken up by partition. The free space is shared.

@Nils - the beauty of Drobo is that when you have separte volumes, space isn’t pre-allocated to them. Its allocated when data is written. This means you don’t waste space by putting it into one volume, when what you really want is more space in the other. On my DroboPro I’ve created separate volumes for Time Machine backups of 3 Macs – 1 TB volume size.


thank you for the information. So the Drobo simulate a hard drive and uses just the files internally.

Why is it not possible to resize the partition? I now have two 2TB partitions (just created a 2TB partition because I have also Win XP). But the second partition could be smaller now.

Regards, Nils.

Partition size is imaginary - it is the maximum size it can grow to. what matters is how much data is in it.

Why do you want small partitions? There maybe some reasons for it, but overall it seems like “old think” to want to have partitions. Isn’t what matters is having a logical place to put your stuff? That is, not worrying about how big the drive its written to?

@Switcher: There are several reasons, but you are right, most people can treat partitions as another level of directories.

However, I use Vista x64 and the capacity filter driver from DroboApps won’t work on my PC. So I’m not sure if I want to replace four 1TB disks with four 1.5TB or 2TB disks. Why? What should I do with the disks? It would be easier to buy another Drobo (or something else) with disks of the same size or larger ones…

But the problem won’t be solved: I see two partitions with 2TB of space, but I can’t use the full size. I’d like to see one partition with 2TB and one with ~700MB. The Drobo should be filled up without annoying me and without replacing hard disks. And maybe I replace the drives with 4x4TB disks.

@nils - I must not understand your objection. The filter driver, as I understand it, adjusts how the Dashboard reports capacity. How does this interact with Drobo’s “yellow LED, time to add storage” operation?

Back to your original post. What version of Dashboard are you using? I have 1.5.1 and on the pie chart display window it reports the size of the volume, how much space is used. Is this what you are looking for?

@Switcher: Jennifer answered my question. I thought, Dashboard reports the whole free space on all partitions. I thought a partition will use the space of its size, if possible. But I was wrong.