Should I upgrade?

Hey guys any advice on upgrading the DroboPro firmware and Dashboard for the mac?

I’m currently running Dashboard 1.5.1
Firmware 1.1.3

Mac OS 10.6.2

I’ve heard some of your guys say the performance is better.


I recommend you make one change at a time - just in case you have any problems. Do the Drobo Dashboard 1.6.6 software first as it has been out for a few weeks. If all goes well in a week or so have a look at the upgraded firmware for your DroboPro.

I would recommend dashboard 1.6.6 only if you want to run your Mac in 64 bit mode and need the dashboard.

But would definitely update your firmware to 1.1.4.

@zgmg, I recommend upgrading to Drobopro firmware 114. I did and my DroboPro runs faster - my guess is between 2x to 3x faster as measured by copying files from a Macmini’s internal drive. in another thread a few month ago SuitEB and others described the slow down problem. After I upgraded it seemed to have disk activity for a few days, it was definitely optimizing something.

hopefully if/when they release the more verbose dashboard - it will tell us what it was doing :slight_smile: