Should I tell Diskwarrior to Rebuild Drobo Directory Structure?

Hello, Should I tell diskwarrior to rebuild the directory structure on my damaged Drobo S or (if it’s even possible as I barely know how to use Diskwarrior) just copy all the which appears to be available in the Diskwarrior Preview window:

The preview is not function. It’s just a preview.

I went ahead with the rebuild but it failed on the first attempt I think because I forgot to take the Drobo S out of Read Only mode.

The rebuild appears to have worked on the second attempt:

hi seamus, am glad you got things sorted out with diskwarrior (it seems to fix a lot of mac issues)

also thanks for including screenshots as i have never seen what the front end looks like…
though unfortunately, i still have not seen the front end, as im afraid the screenshots you posted did not appear to load :slight_smile: