Should I just give up on recovering my pre Lion Time Machine

Countless hours, countless trying to move the sparsle bundle transfers and no AFP access to the image. Is it time to cut my losses and just start fresh? I really need reliable backups and not backing up since day of Lion launch has cost me 6 years of podcasts I accidentally deleted when I deleted the wrong duplicate.

wat i did for afp access was:

use a terminal to type “defaults write TMShowUnsupportedNetworkVolumes 1” this supposedly enables unsupported network volumes

then i used tmutil to access the spars bundle:

sudo tmutil setdestination -p afp://@/

the -p is to set the password separately.

This at least made me able to create time machine backups in reasonable speeds. I hope this helps you as well.

disclaimer: the code is not mine, i copied it off the net, so the props go to the original posters.

Just reset my Drobo. I need my backup online. Starting a fresh.[hr]
Reset and now 3.2TB to backup will take 3 days!!! WOW WOW WOW.

same here my drobo fs deleted all my file during accidentally unplugged the main power so all my 1.2 TB gone :frowning:

It’s highly likely that after such an event that it has to run a filesystem check, which can take a while and delay the appearance of your shares and data. Give it a while and it should show up.

Only way I could see a power failure/surge causing any issue is if it had fried the Drobo itself (in which case replacing the chassis would still preserve your data), or if it somehow completely killed more drives than you had redundant (which is unlikely for a simple power failure).

I agree with diamondsw. Leave it for a while and check back tomorrow. It may take longer if you have a lot of data, but it’s very unlikely that the entire thing went kaput.

Is this procedure OFFICIALLY supported by Drobo? Why aren’t Drobo doing anything to OFFICIALLY fix this? WTH???

  • Jon