Should I bother staying with Drobo?


I purchased 2 drobo Elites in 2012 after purchasing 2 Drobo Disk packs (Those little things even with slow drives have been rock solid) We had so many problems with the Drobos in the past that we took out the drives and purchased a bigger SAN to handle vms in our lab. Well a while ago I purchased all brand new Caviar red drives (16 total for the 2 elites) and I am still constantly getting failures on both devices. I had to have one box RMA’d or whatever because it just failed. Today we only use the 2 drobos for file storage. we have 2 2012 servers running DFS/Dedup across the Drobo Elite’s…and a week ago both of them started complaining about drive failures. There’s almost no work that’s been done in the lab so drive read/writing has been to a minimal. I paid about $4500 for each Drobo Elite without the drives I think… regardless just walking away and putting these things back on the shelf is a tough pill to swallow.

Has anyone (that’s heavily invested in Drobo products had any success with sales about rebates if we choose to stay with the Drobo brand?) These Drobos surprisingly did not have many of the features some of the lower models had which was surprising however unfortunately I as the budget owner part time IT guy thought they where cool… man was I wrong.

Any thoughts/feedback would be great. The boxes are no longer under Drobo care and I am not sure I want to spend more money on support for two boxes that sat on the shelf for almost a year after being used for a few months and having issues.