Sharing /DroboFS/Shares using samba


Was wondering if people have had any luck with editing the samba conf to be able to share the /DroboFS/Share folder.

Am mainly looking for this to facilitate better transfer between various shares. The shares are currently setup to work in with XBMC (ie downloads, video, tv series) but transferring between shares is an absolute pain.

It would be good to be able to connect to the root share, so that any file transfers are a move between folders, rather than shares for this purpose.

Have tried editing /mnt/DroboFS/System/samba/conf/smb.conf via SSH(duplicating the existing entries), but restart of the system (sorry, i haven’t worked out how to restart smdb and nmdb) usually ends with smb.conf changes rolling back.

Anybody had any luck with manually creating shares outside of /DroboFS/Share and are able to share some basic instructions on how they achieved it.

Yes, i’m a pretty big linux newbie, so take pity if this is pretty simple.

I haven’t looked into doing that, but if you already have a command line up on the DroboFS, you can always just use “mv” to move files from share to share. On the one hand, I would assume adding a new share is possible, but I’m not sure how Drobo Dashboard will interact with it, since as we’ve seen it’s not that friendly to outsiders making changes to things it deals with.

Have you tried what jhah has suggested?

Brilliant! Again you’ve saved the day Ricardo.


I’m very flattered, but you should thank jhah instead. :slight_smile: