Sharing drobo s as network drive OSX server

Hi There, i’m trying to work out how to share the drobo s across our mixed mac/pc network but can’t see the volume/drobo when i connect to the computer it is attached to.

we have a mac mini server (snow leopard) and the drobo s connected by firewire, I was looking to store all my music and videos on the drobo to share across all computers (mac pro, macbook pro, windows 7 media centre)

having spent a few hours googling and reading up this does not seem to be straight forward, does anyone know of a “how to” or can point me in the right direction ?

thanks in advance, any help greatly appreciated.


I am using a Mac Mini as a file server with OS X Snow Leopard - Standard, not Server version so the GUI options could be different if you have the server edition. It took a bit of messing around to get things just the way I wanted them. Below is how I have things configured.

First turn on file sharing.
System Preferences --> Sharing
Tick the box for “File Sharing” and under “Options” select “Share Files and Folders using SMB (Windows)”.

Next if you just want guest access to the network shares (i.e. no username/password) then go to
System Preferences --> Accounts
Select the Guest account and tick the box to allow guest accounts to connect to shared folders. If you don’t want to use a guest account then you need to create a OS X login account then use the username/password when you connect to the network shares.

Now you need to make sure your all your computers are in the same Windows workgroup
System Preferences --> Network
Select your Network Adapter and click advanced. Go to the WINS tab and fill in the Workgroup field the same for each PC on your network. I don’t think your OS X clients are too fussed but Windows needs to be identical.

The final step is now to share out the Drobo. You can share out the whole disk (/Volumes/Drobo) or subfolders as necessary.
If you select the Drobo in the finder and right-click on it and go to “Get Info” you can enable the sharing options. I really could not get this to behave the way I wanted - permissions only seem to apply to the top-level folder and not subfolders.

If you want to do it manually then you can edit the file /etc/smb.conf in a text editor. Just add your sections to the bottom of the file. A read-only and read-write example is below

path = /Volumes/Drobo/myfolder1
writeable = yes
public = yes

path = /Volumes/Drobo/myfolder2
writeable = no
public = yes

Thanks for your reply ajspencer, server version is very similiar to snow leopard but shares is under “server preferences” rather than “system preferences”

I should have explained more, sorry, I can click go-connect to server- smb://servername/drobo and i’m there, not a problem but I cannot get to it through finder, as I want to dump itunes there and I cant point it to the drobo as it is not seen.

so yes it is set up as a smb share just need to work out how to make osx show the volume/drobo in finder as it is only showing the serve hard drive contents and not the top level above, if that makes any sense at all.

any ideas?

worked it out, on mac you click the computer you are trying to connect to the drobo with and if that is logged in there is a drobo shared folder with an eject button next to it, click that job done.