sharing drobo pro

what is the best way to share my dropo Pro?

My droboPro is connected to my MacPro and I want the network to be able to see the droboPro so that they can put files in there/

I am using OSX

Share it from your OS, enable file sharing.

yes I did that, but now one question. What kind of speeds can I expect. Right now it’s taking about 1 minute 40 seconds to transfer 1gb - and how can I make the speed faster?

40 seconds for 1GB sounds good. That’s 25 MB/sec or 400 Mbps.

Is that the speed you are getting from the Pro to the host it’s connected to or the computers going to that share on that server over the network?

bhiga not 40 seconds 1 minute and 40 seconds

Jennifer - the host is doing 18 seconds per 1gb so the host is fine. The computer connected to the network is the one that are slow

Unfortunately I cannot troubleshoot your network.

ok. do you have any tips? thanks

What network connection do you have between all your hardware - 100MB or 1000MB? Is duplexing enabled?

When you copy from your host Mac Pro to the Drobo - only 1 operation is going over that network connection, from the Mac pro, too the Drobo. Thus you have the entire bandwidth at your disposal.

However, when you copy from your client to the shared folder, it’s going up and down the same connection from the Mac Pro, to the Drobo - i.e. twice the traffic is using the single connection.

Your copy is essentially doing the following:

From the client to the switch
From the switch to the Mac Pro (downstream)
From the Mac Pro to the Drobo (upstream)

Both the down and upstream are on the same connection - halving your performance (at least).

Add to that the processing and caching on your Mac Pro as part of the “file sharing” role and that’s more than likely playing a major part in your performance issue.

Having 1000MB connectivity across the board is essential. I would also highly recommend having a dedicated network card for your Drobo - and directly connected rather than via a switch. Also use a 1000MB switch for your clients.

I should add - this is all just general advise - as Jennifer has already highlighted, we can’t help you with your network (and your performance issue is almost certainly due to network performance).

One more thing - do you have iStat on your Mac - perhaps make a note of the network performance while you make the copy - 30MB/s write-speed is good performance. Anything above that is excellent performance.

Hope this helps.

Use a computer with two separate network interfaces. Plug one into your home network and the other directly into the DroboPro.