Shares vanished

Hi there, i wondered if anybody could help. We have lost all our shares. We have a B800fs.

Device has been rebooted, no luck. We had about a dozen shares, but now we can only see the public folder.

Viewing the info the space has still been used, so something has rendered them inaccessible.

FW is 2.1.6

Many thanks in advance for any help


hi steve, do you have any more info about the drive bay lights, such as if they are all a solid colour, ideally all green?
can i check if dashboard can still also see the drobo?

Thanks Paul. Dashboard can still see the Drobo, but even that cannot see the shares. If i try to administer it tells me i need to setup an admin user.

The green lights at the bottom are all illuminated, and the right hand side is fully illuminated with blue lights.

We have another identical drobo working fine, and the lights are the same on both, so i dont think they are indicating an issue.

Thanks a lot, Steve

thanks for more info steve,
have you tried loggin in as admin, and also what happens if you try setting up an admin user?

(for example the section on the bottom of this page, might help, just in case some users just need assigning to shares?)

btw is it possible that somehow the ethernet cable got swapped into the other port?
also, can i check what happens if you try mounting in the ways mentioned here?