Share Problems

Hi I am having a problem regarding the access to created shares.
I have created 8 shared directories with corresponding users compels with user names and passwords.

Testing the shares I log in via safari using name.mydrobo.com (name being my drobo registered name). And using the usernames and passwords I have created under shares and 6 of the 8 work fine with repeated log ins.

But no matter what I do I cannot get the last two to log in with and error message stating wrong user name or password.

I have checked and double checked the user names and passwords to make sure I have not made a mistake, I have even deleted the shared directory and user share and started from scratch but no matter what I do I cannot get and new shares beyond the six already created to work. I am hoping someone may have some idea as to what is happening. Thank you. Cliff Elliott

hi cliff,
if possible, would you be able to try removing one of the 6 shares, which work fine, such as the 1st share, and then to shutdown the drobo via dashboard and to restart the drobo and computer, and then to create the 7th one (as you normally would have done?)

am just trying to make sure that there isnt a hard limit of 6

then, if the 7th one still does not work, could you try making it with a different share details (just in case the user or password you are using is somehow deemed as using special characters that are not accepted), and then to try again to see if the 7th one works?

if you do happen to be able to get the 7th one working,
then can you please use dashboard to shutdown the drobo as before, and computer, and then to start them up again
and then if you can please try to make the 1st share again, with the same details as you had when you first set it up (since we know those details were accepted)
does it let you make the 1st share again? (which would actually end up being the 7th)