Shadow Copies

In Windows Server one of my fav features is Shadow Copies. It keeps real time version of files/folders that can be browsed and restored on the fly.

Does Drobo have anything like this, even something like a snapshot feature? That Shadow Copy feature has been my biggest reason for holding out on most of the NAS products I eval.

Drobo has me really excited about provisioning and mgmt features so I hope there is something for “version tracking” or whatever you prefer to call it.

Unfortunately, drobo is not in the software backup/restore/recovery/HA/DRP business but has partners such as Acronis, Symantec, Vision, Veeam etc. to achieve what you and most IT folks would like to achieve. Based on ur requirements, I recommend you take a look at Dell AppAssure Replay4 and also Symantec BEWS 2012. Both solutions have their competitive advantages. We are using AppAssure cuz their de-dup & replication are free or included and Replay performance is impressive. Btw, Relay is a block-level, disk-based imaging solution and it works great w/ the Pro, B800i & B1200i.

Just FYI, shadow copies aren’t 100% real-time, but I do agree that they can be useful. :slight_smile:

Note that VSC and Drobo (or any other block-level device that does not guarantee persistence of deleted blocks) do not play nicely for undeletion.