Setting up share for this dummy

I have a Drobo 5N which I use from my Windows 10 PC, almost exclusively for backup. I installed this about 10 years ago, and haven’t fiddled with it since (a glowing testament for the Drobo, which has survived four disk failures during this period).

Now, my wife wants me to setup her Windows 10 laptop so she can backup her data to the Drobo via SyncBackPro (my licence allows me to share the program with my wife)

So, it seems I should create her a share, which I’ve done, named “Looby’s”. (Nickname is “Looby”)
The next step seems to be to create a user for Looby, and this is where my IT skills have dwindled…

How would I setup her laptop so that she can contact the share on the Drobo?
Presumably she will have to find the Drobo on our home network (how?), and logon using the userid I mentioned in the previous paragraph.

Am I headed in the right direction? It’s been a decade or more since I did any network setup, so I’d be grateful for any help. I’m still reasonably compos mentis, so I could follow a link to a document if one exists.