Setting up eMail Alerts

Recently upgraded from the FS to a 5N2. There are two places on the Dashboard that deal with this, one under Drobo Settings > Alerts and another under Dashboard Preferences. This is a bit confusing, Do I need to setup alerts in two places?

Thank You.

My personal experience: I could never get the Settings > Alerts to work for me. I alway got some sort of authorization error.
But I recently discovered the Dashboard Preferences method and it seems to work. And by “work” I mean that after I set it up, it successfully sent me a test email. I haven’t had any actual alerts to report yet.

Using “Drobo Settings > Alerts” works well for me, and I never set up the email alerts in “Dashboard Preferences” section as I don’t run the dashboard on Windows startup. It can be tricky to set up depending on your chosen email provider.

I can’t figure out how to set up alerts using either hotmail or gmail. Advice?

Your Google account needs to be set up to allow non-google apps to interact with it. Google will generate a special password for your Drobo to send emails from. This will help…