setting up command line access

Hi all … I have reached a point where I am venturing into wanting to learn about using DroboApps and how to access them. I have two Drobo FS and a Drobo 5N which I have basically used as file storage and viewing videos through my network. Now I am looking into being able to access Apache via Dropbear and NFS utilities and I find myself going in circles trying to find beginner manuals and tutorials.
Would someone here direct me to beginner entry level sites that I can begin to learn to access these apps and apply them to my system. I have successfully installed several apps along with apache and I am still trying to figure out how I can work with them and put them to use via command line interface.
My apologies if this is boring to many here … I have tried to search this out myself and haven’t been successful.
Thanks in advance,

Cal Oak

hi caloak, i think maybe a good way forward, could be to simply list what your main objectives are?

for example, if you wanted to be able to do a certain something, in a certain way, it might help those with app expertise to be able to suggest something to help you achieve what you want.

it might just be a case of general unix usage, along with some drobo-specific considerations, but if say you wanted to host a private http server, with an app to let you browse holiday snaps via your webtv or something similar, then there might be an app or tool that could help (just an example)

Hi caloak,

You can try googling for the exact same information but adding “raspberry pi” at the end. For example, instead of “nfs drobo” try “nfs raspberry pi”. Although a raspberry pi and a Drobo are orders of magnitude different from the point of view of the storage, the general idea is the same, that is, a Linux-based networked device to which you do not have a monitor and keyboard attached.

Generally speaking, the location of files will be different but the concepts will be the same: users, file permissions, daemon processes, network ports, and so on.

Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any further questions.