Setting up Apache Authentication for Git

I am attempting to set up Git for me and a few friends to do some projects. Unfortunately, if you set new users up in Drobo Dashboard, even thought they might not have access to other shares on the Drobo, they will be able to browse files in an ssh session. I was thinking if there was a way to set up Git repositories on the Apache server and adding htaccess and htpasswd files to restrict access to specific users.

Has anyone ever tried this?

I tried setting the htaccess and htpasswd files up but there seems to be no prompt for user credentials when looking at the protected folders in the web browser.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Have you seen this page? http://www.marcmorgan.ca/2011/06/15/version-control-with-git-access-control-with-gitolite-and-authenticated-web-repository-viewing-with-gitweb-apache-on-ubuntu-11-04-server/

It seems to explain step-by-step what you want to do.

Using some of the information from that link sorted it. Thank you :slight_smile:

Another quick question regarding openssh…
Every time I restart my Drobo, the SSH root password resets back to root and I have to use the passwd tool to reset it. Is there anyway of setting this in stone so that when the Drobo is restarted, the password remains the same?