set timezone?


I’t not a big deal but when reading logs etc it’s always nice to have time on my own timezone. It makes it easier to se what happened when etc but i haven’t found anywhere to set this. Would anyone of you know? (actually i haven’t found anywhere to set time even but i suppose this is done via a time server)

I know its not a “fix” but if you have Vista or 7, you can just had a clock for PST (which is what the Drobo FS goes by). I had to do this to setup a scheduler for the transmission drobo app.

You can edit /etc/profile to set the timezone.
You’ll probably need to ssh in to the device to do this.

For the UK I changed /etc/profile


export TZ=PST8DST


export TZ=GMT0BST


Just posting a timezone table i found to help you all with finding the right “code”.


My apologies but I don’t find the right code for my timezone: “Europe/Paris” ?

Mu issue thar when I restart or stop my droboFS, the time and date are wrong.
Can I set an ntp service on droboFS or whatever to sync the time frequently ?

Thanks in advance for your help.