Set time zone?

Just migrated from a Drobo FS to a new 5N today. I just noticed that the timezone is set to PDT, but I’m on the east coast and would like to set the system time to EDT, but I can’t figure out how. I don’t seem to be able to replace /etc/localtime with a zone file for Eastern time zone, and there don’t seem to be any other zone files stashed anywhere that I can find.

hi, i found one article that may help explain a bit about how it derives the time:

maybe after safely shutting down and restarting all will pick up the new time based on that url?

(by the way is your name tim dronzinski, or does timdrozinski mean time zone?) :slight_smile:

Paul, that article does not even begin to explain the question that was asked.

Ricardo, I read your post (, and was wondering if anything has changed since the post.

I too must admit that a more permanent solution for NOOBS would really be helpful. :slight_smile:

ah ok, sorry that was the only knowledge base article i could find on the topic for you, but yes, having read ricardos post, id stick with ricardos latest info for now until updated by him or another user.