Serviio for Drobo FS?

We’ve been mildly successful with FUPPES and MediaTomb streaming to our PS3, but the crappy Bravia BDV-e570 we have is very particular about the DLNA server. MiniDLNA and Serviio seem to be the only servers that can stream to it. I’ve recently installed Serviio on a Windows machine and it does work great, but running it on a Windows box defeats the purpose of having such a nice NAS such as the Drobo. Does anyone have any experience compiling for the Drobo? If so, does anyone have the time to take a crack at getting Serviio running on a drobo? www.serviio.org

I think this would also help other folks trying to stream to an LG or Samsung tv/bluray as well.

I’m not sure about this at all. The download page says Serviio needs at least 378 MB to run, and the FS only has about 180 MB total.

FYI, the latest version of fuppes can be found on the developers forum.

Great, thanks for working on this! Any idea if the newest version Fuppes supports streaming to Sony Bravia devices?

I did a quick googling and it seems the Bravias only support MPEG2 files. This means they (theoretically) could work with fuppes, but they would require transcoding of pretty much every file out there.

Since the FS would have a hard time transcoding anything, I think that in practice it wouldn’t work.

Quick update: I managed to compile minidlna for the FS. You can find it here: http://www.droboports.com/app-repository/minidlna-1-0-19

The caveats about transcoding still apply though. Give it a try and let us know how it goes.