Serious Spotlight Issues

Hey All,

Does anyone else have problems with spotlight on Mac OS X 10.6.2 constantly accessing the discs on the drobo. I mean it’s cataloging for days, 24/7. Finally I had to tell spotlight not to index the drobo for fear it would burn out my drives in a month… Which means I can’t use spotlight.

I only have around 2 tb of data with more than 60% free.


I have a drobo v2, 4 2 TB hitachi drives. Running latest firmware and drobo dashboard.

Have you tried looking at the Apple Forums regarding spotlight and external hard drives?

As an admin user, from a terminal type
sudo lsof | grep “/Volumes/Drobo”

This will list all processes that are accessing files on the Drobo and which file they have open. If spotlight is getting stuck on a file this should identify it.

Thanks ajspencer,

It’s not getting stuck on a file. It just keeps indexing and indexing for days. Keeps cranking through multiple files. I don’t have that much data, that would warrant this.

Spotlight stores its data in the top-level on the disk in a folder called .Spotlight-V100 - e.g. /Volumes/Drobo/.Spotlight-V100

Try removing this directory from the terminal then eject the drobo and reconnect it. Should create a fresh database.

thanks ajspencer. Will try that.