Serious problems with a drobo FS

Hi -

I’ve been having some major issues with a Drobo FS. A month or so ago, I tried to add capacity to it. It had 5 x 2tb drive, with around 5% capacity left. I bought 2 new 4tb drives, and slotted the first new one in. I went through several days of the drobo having yellow and green lights flashing (“protecting data”) and then disappearing from the drobo dashboard, before again after a couple of minutes reverting to all the drives flashing between green and yellow.

It then started to tell me that too many hard drives had been removed (I’d only ever changed over the one) and is now telling me that a drive has failed. If I try and replace the problem drive it just tells me again that too many drives have been removed.

Any advice, or at least information on how to get to what data is on there so I can get it somewhere safe?

Any help appreciated