Serato + Ejecting Drives - Pre-sales Q's


The Drobo Mini looks like a perfect device for DJs. Serato is a software that runs on a computer that plays all your music from your laptop through conventional club equipment.

I have just purchased a 128gb Macbook Pro Retina. The reason i went for a smaller hard drive model is because of issues ive with building a music library and then either changing laptop and songs files are missing and also had a hard drive fail in a macbook pro. The idea was to create an external hard drive so i could plug into any computer and have my library available. This means if a laptop dies i don’t have to search for files, but what the drobo mini could provide is also a backup if a hard drive fails also. This device could potentially be the be the ultimate solution, it looks very cool, the lockable power adapter is a massive benefit in this scenario, thunderbolt so my usb ports are frree for midi devices, small, provides a backup.

I did have a few questions:
Performance - As i would be in a live setting i wanted to use SSD’s to to store my music on (samsung 840 evo 500gb x 4), reason being when searching for a track everything needs to appear very fast otherwise track will run out or Serato program will lag. The disk read/writes speeds on these drive are max read 540MB/sec and 520MB/ write

but the Drobo has a max speeds of 300MB/sec and write speeds of 225MB/sec. According to this review by CNET it also slows down the more data you have on the hard drives.


Why can’t i achieve the SSD MAX speeds? Have there been improvements since this review? Is this enough for Serato not to lag?

  1. Ejecting disks - if i had my 4 hard drives can i view 4 individual drives if i wanted to and eject ones from my mac so they appear disconnected.

The reason for this is because when arranging a playlist it uses files that are on that disk. So if i had a disk for Wedding cheesy music and then i had a disk for House music i could eject the wedding disk and have only my house music tracks visible in Serato making searching for tracks easier when at this different type of venue.

  1. Hard drive failure - If a hardrive was to fail and i had 4 drives, in a mirrored setup how fast would it be for me to switch over to this disk to start using?

Thanks in advance!