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Life is very much unpredictable. No one knows what is in store for him or her. We all take life as it comes. We do make plans but as the famous saying goes “man proposes God disposes", it seems like we never get to materialize what we plan. In fact we tend to move along the path that has been already set for us by some unforeseen force. As we enter a new day we face some or the other surprise, and these surprises, like the very path of life, is at times good and at times dreadful. At times these dreadful incidents come in the form of serious accidents. Accidents can be a result of various things like our carelessness or because of the carelessness of somebody else. When we face an accident that is caused by somebody else, like an individual or an organization, the best person whom we can approach for help is a New York personal injury lawyer. A New York personal injury lawyer is one person who can be of tremendous help to any person who has become a victim of such an accident case which involves some other person or an organization. Whether it is a physical injury or a mental injury that has been a result of an accident, takes a lot of time to get healed. Well in a case when an injury has been caused by some other person the victim and his family have full liberty to sue and file a legal case against the person or the organization that is responsible for the accident. In such a case a New York personal injury lawyer is the best person who can be consulted. The best part with a New York personal lawyer is that he can give a moral as well as legal support to the victim and his peers and it is the New York personal injury lawyer who can give an assurance of justice to the victim and his family. But there are certain facts that need to be checked upon before one decides to hire a New York personal injury lawyer to fight a case on their behalf. The facts and the details are very much simple and they include a thorough check up of the profile of the New York personal injury lawyer and see the cases that have been successfully dealt by him. Moreover the consultation fees and the mode of payment and various other minute details should also be checked out before the hiring is done. Once these formalities are over the victim and his family members can easily hire a New York personal injury lawyer who can give them full support. As this is a legal case the New York personal injury lawyer needs to study all the details of the case and here the victim has to speak out everything related to the accident or the injury. The New York personal injury lawyer can prove to be a big support as he helps the victim get full justice and moreover gives him a moral support that helps the victim forget the dreadful accident and move ahead in life with a positive approach.
You must be wondering how on earth you will learn culinary online? You concerns are right - hHow do you learn culinary online when you need a physical instructor to teach you?I will try to answer a few of your concerns in this article.There are online culinary schools - but one thing is for sure - you must try to study culinary in a regular school rather than enrolling yourself in a distance/online culinary school. What you get in an online culinary school:You get to know about some great recipes, learn hotel management and you will be given access to a secured online site where you can actually log-on to chat with professors and know more about the industry.What you will not get in an online culinary school is physical presence of professors while delivering lectures, interesting inquisitive students, a top class library and a great atmosphere to learn culinary. To top it all you have a campus interview at the end of your graduation.So, which one do you prefer?Being a culinary artist myself I believe you are better off joining a culinary school as a regular student rather than studying culinary from an online school. Take a better decision.This article can be re-printed and/or published online or offline for free, provided the website, http://www., is posted along with it. The article must remain intact without any alteration. Please make sure that you have linked the URL properly.

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Chances are at the holidays youÂ’ve been tempted to make holiday wrapping paper. But you may have heard too many stories about needing to use potatoes and tempura paint that bring you back to your grade school days. Have no fear – you do have options! Here are some suggestions to get your creative juices flowing. Okay this one does involve a potatoÂ…… but itÂ’s good: For this one you need to get some supplies. Yes you do need a potato. I prefer using a potato for stamping rather than a sponge because the potato gives you something to hold onto, and more importantly you can create your own customized look. So keep in mind that if you find a rubber stamp you fall in love with – the potato is optional. You will need: acrylic paint in one or two colors, metallic pens in one or two colors, paper (can use traditional butcher block paper, white craft paper, or fancy paper from the art store). In terms of paper – think of the background color you would like to have. Your local art store will often carry many beautiful colors of handmade gift paper. Select a paper that has a porous and fiber-y texture to it – you want to be sure that the paint soaks into the paper. If you select a paper that has a shiny side to it, the paint will not set well. Think of the design you would like to do. For this gift wrapping paper design you are going to stamp a design with your potato and then embellish it and add some writing to the paper. A good choice for ValentineÂ’s Day would be to cut a heart stamp in your potato and then to write the word “love" or “I love you" on different parts of your paper. Or you could write a special message to the person you are giving the gift to. You could embellish the hearts with little arrows. Good designs for your potato could be hearts, stars, lightning bolts, letters, numbers, arrows and basic shapes. Stamp your gift wrapping paper first with your acrylic paint and then allow this to dry for at least three hours. Once the paper is dry then return to add your embellishments with your metallic pens. Special Memories Paper: For this paper you will use photographs that you like and visit your local copy center that does color copies. Before you go to the copy center, think if you want to include any special messages on this paper. Such as wishing the person you are giving the gift a “Happy Birthday" or wishing your mother “Happy MotherÂ’s Day". If you would like to do so, then type these messages out on a word document – select a basic typeface such as Times New Roman but italicize it and enlarge it to 18 or even 24 points. See how large you like the typeface. Bring a number of copies of this message with you, and a glue stick. Lay your photographs out on the largest paper they have. This is usually a tabloid size of paper 11" x 17". Scatter your photographs, do not center them on any one part of the paper – remember that your gift will cover most of the paper. Once you have scattered your photos, add your special message to the gift wrapping paper. Depending on how large your gift is, you may need to ask for several sheets of this paper. You may also choose to use larger photographs, or ask the clerk at the copy center to enlarge your photographs when they make the color copies. Also ask if they can make you a copy that is really shrunken down so that you can use this for the gift card. S-E-C-R-E-T M-E-S-S-A-G-E P-A-P-E-R: This paper is good for a humorous occasion. Probably not the best choice for a wedding gift, then again IÂ’m not invited so what do I know? WeÂ’ve all seen those movies where characters get a spooky ransom note made out of cut out magazines and newspapers. Why not create a special birthday wish or holiday greeting to a friend or a loved one? It will be something different and this is great for someone you have traded nicknames with and share a lot of jokes with. Select newspapers and magazines. Tabloids are great because their letters are very large and clear. Magazines are nice too because they often use artistic looking typefaces, and this can add some variety to your message. You will be doing this on 11" x 17" paper, so visit your local copy center and pick up several sheets of this paper. You will need this first to begin the project. Now choose your message. Go through your newspapers and magazines and obtain the letters. Keep them in a pile. Once you have your letters, line them up as you wish them to appear on the paper. Remember to space them out so they cover a lot of the paper and not just the middle. Use your glue stick and glue them down. After your message is glued down, return to the copy shop and have them run your masterpiece off on the copy Xerox (if you did the other project they already know what you are up toÂ….). Have them make you several sheets if your gift is big. Then have them make you a sheet that is very shrunken down for the gift card. As small as possible. Leaf Rubbings Paper: Do you remember grade school? Did you like it? One of the things I liked was doing leaf rubbings. We would pick up leaves and bring them inside and put them under pieces of paper, rubbing crayons over the paper to get an impression of the leaf. Okay, stroll down memory lane over. I was just beginning to remember what the lunch room smelled likeÂ…Â… For this project that is exactly what you are going to do. Select some leaves. Get a box of crayons. I would suggest buying a box of crayons with a wide variety of colors because the more variety of colors you have in front of you, the more colorful your paper can be. Once you get started you may want to create several sheets of this paper. You will also probably want to test this technique so that you fully understand how it works on a small piece of paper and then do it on your gift wrap paper (just the way the hair dye companies remind us to do a test stripÂ……). A good leaf tip: Select leaves that have good “skeletons" – that have stems and all sorts of edges to them. It will give your crayons more edges to pick up on. Small wide leaves wonÂ’t give much of an impression. But also try to select a variety of leaves. Take a nice walk through your community, picking up leaves on the way. You will be surprised by how many leaves are actually available. Do this also one leaf at a time. Put the leaf under the paper and take your crayon and peel your crayon completely and break it in half. Then put the crayon wide side down on the paper, rubbing side to side while exerting pressure onto it. You will quickly see how much pressure it takes to get a good impression of the leaf. There may be other items that you can use for this project. What else leaves an impression? You can do office items like paper clips – paper clips come in a number of shapes and sizes. Well, these are just some ideas for your inspiration. As you can see, gift wrapping ideas are often right at your fingertips. You can create gift wrap out of something that is probably right in your home, office or backyard! Happy wrapping!
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Unfortunately, a primary emphasis on communications tactics does not take the place of a well thought-out public relations plan for persuading your most important external audiences to your way of thinking, then moving them to take actions that lead to your success. For example, a basic public relations blueprint like this one: people act on their own perception of the facts before them, which leads to predictable behaviors about which something can be done. When we create, change or reinforce that opinion by reaching, persuading and moving- to-desired-action the very people whose behaviors affect the organization the most, the public relations mission is accomplished. Save the communications tactics for later when you need something to carry your message to the right external audience. For now, think about an impactful public relations plan that can deliver the behavior results you want. I’m thinking of behaviors that produce real increases in capital gifts, new inquiries concerning joint ventures or strategic alliances, new waves of prospects or, especially, repeat purchases. First step on this journey is one of discovery – just how do those key, outside audiences perceive your operation? This is vital, of course, because perceptions often morph into hurtful behaviors. Which suggests that you and the PR team assigned to you begin by interacting with members of those audiences, then prioritize them according to the impacts on your unit. Here, you have a choice: you and your PR team can personally handle the perception monitoring and data gathering for your target audience because your PR folks are already in the perception and behavior business. Or, a large budget permitting, you can retain the services of a professional survey firm to do the job. Once you decide who monitors and gathers the perception data, you need to ask the right questions of your audience members. “How much do you know about us, if anything? Do you have an opinion about our services or people. Have you ever had a problem with our operation?" Stay on the lookout for negative responses such as misconcep- tions, rumors and false assumptions. And especially for inaccur- acies that could do damage because of the hurtful behaviors they can produce. Now, with such perception data in hand, you’re ready to set your public relations goal. And this can be as direct as “clear up that misconception, neutralize the rumor, or fix that inaccuracy." Reaching that goal, however, requires just the right strategy. Since this is a matter of perception/opinion, you have only three choices: change existing perception, create it where none exists, or reinforce that existing opinion/perception. Now, tap your best writer because you need to prepare a message effective enough to alter negative perceptions among members of your target audience. The message should be multifaceted if it is to do the job. It must be clearly written and fact-based as well as believable and thus, persuasive. Hopefully, it also will be compelling in its tone. The challenge of delivering your message to the right ears and eyes falls to your communications tactics, and there are a ton of them. Everything from electronic magazines, consumer presentations, speeches and press releases to media interviews, newsletters, brochures and personal contacts. But make sure that each tactic you choose displays a track record of reaching folks similar to those you are trying to reach. How will you know when you’re making progress? By going back to the field and re-monitoring the perceptions of members of that target audience. But there’s a new wrinkle the second time around. Your antennae will be up to capture signs of change in the offending perception – has that untruth, false assumption, hurtful misconception or damaging rumor been adequately addressed by your message and communications tactics? In other words, is perception among members of your target audience moving in your direction, thus signaling success? Luckily, you can always speed up the process with additional communications tactics, and by increasing their frequencies. By this point, what you will have done, of course, is put in place precisely the well thought-out public relations plan you need to persuade your most important external audiences to your way of thinking, then move them to take actions that lead to your success as a manager. end
Credit Options for People with Low or No Credit. Credit cards are surprisingly easy to acquire, regardless of whether or not you have a good credit rating. There are always options available to you no matter what your credit history. Some credit cards even come directly through the mail with a card already fixed and you just have to call to confirm it. These credit cards are designed to help you build a credit history. However, if you are not careful, you could end up getting yourself into a lot of debt! It is incredibly easy to find these credit cards. A simple search on the internet will bring up dozens of companies offering their cards for poor credit ratings. The thing with these kinds of cards, however, is that they often have a higher interest rate than any other card. While this is not always the case, it is still good to make sure you shop around before applying for one. Often, the credit cards you are offered are also Gold or Platinum cards, so you really do have to be careful with what you use them for! How to apply and what is required. It is extremely easy to apply for a credit card. If you do a search online, you will literally find hundreds if not thousands, of websites offering credit cards to people with poor credit ratings. All you have to do then is visit the sites, then you just need to fill in a simple online form. All you really need to fill in are details about where you live, your social security number, your date of birth and other personal details. It is very rare that a credit card company for people with poor credit will want to see a credit report. However, even if they do, they often do not really take much notice of it. If applying online, it usually only takes a couple of minutes to find out if you are accepted. You may need to call somebody from the company or they may do it for you just to confirm that you have applied, etc. They also will usually go though more details with you to see if you further fit the bill for one of their credit cards. You can also apply through the mail since credit card offers are often sent in junk mail. With these, they usually include a short form or ask you to call a special number to apply. Overall, it really will not take long at all to do and you should have your new card within a week.How Does A Credit Score Determine A Poor Credit Rating? A credit score is usually between 300 and 850 with 600 to 700 classed as average. A higher score tells lenders that you are a trustworthy borrower and you are often more likely to get credit. A poor credit rating will be below 400 and this stops a lot of companies from giving you credit. However, there are companies set up especially for people with no credit history or poor credit history and those generally do not bother too much about it. Every time you forget to pay a bill on time or if you have outstanding debt, it goes on your credit rating. Points are taken off and as mentioned earlier, if it reaches below 400 it tells potential companies that you are unreliable and they might have problems with you paying any money back to them. Overall, if you do want a credit card and you have poor credit, it is not too much of a problem to get one. However, the interest rates are often higher and you really do have to watch that you pay the minimum each month when you spend with it. If you are not careful, you will end up with an even worse credit report than you had before. However, if you are sensible, it can help to build up your credit rating. You just have to shop around first and do your research in order to find the right card for you.モンクレール激安-endvalue/

The telephone is still the best and most effective way to reach people. It can help generate more sales and build your business. Unfortunately most people don’t like the telephone and don’t use it effectively. In order to become more proficient using the telephone, you need to follow some basic guidelines and then practice, practice and then practice some more. Like everything else, selling by using the telephone has changed over the years. The hard sell approach doesn’t cut it today. With voice mail, answering machines, tele-zappers, and caller ID the old fashion way doesn’t work any longer. If you are selling a high end product, trying to do it all on the first call doesn’t work. You need to go through a couple of stages to get your end result – the sale. First you need to introduce yourself. Tell them about you, your business and your product. Next try to set up an appointment to go into further detail. Or maybe send some information before calling again. Moving one step at a time gives the customer time to become familiar with you and your product. It also gives your customer time to realize how important your product is to them. You need to be confident and positive. As we have told many of our students, if you don’t feel like getting on the phones – don’t. That negativity and lack of enthusiasm is going to come through on the telephone. Many years ago when I was working in corporate America as a receptionist my supervisor told me to always answer the telephone with a smile on. That smile carried over into the impression the caller received when contacting a company. So be sure that a positive attitude comes through . Remember, the old adage, “you must first sell yourself, then sell your product". Also of utmost importance is to know what you want to say. If you use a script, have it handy, but don’t just read it. I can tell immediately when a call I get is being read from a script. Write down an opening statement (for example, Hi , my name is Susan from Home Business Solutions. I’m calling about the home you have for sale. Are you the person to speak with? What’s your name?). Make notes of points you need to cover. Practice saying what you want to say until it comes naturally. Be sure you make strong statements. Avoid the words: maybe, could, but. You also need to know your product. You have to perceive its value before you can convince someone else. You have to know what it does, how it works, and be able to describe it in terms that the layman can understand. You also need to explain the benefits of your product.One of the first things I go over with our students regarding our telephone script is that they must learn to listen, and I mean really listen. You can tell a lot about your customer just by hearing what they are saying. Also be sure you ask their name, and then use it now and then. Don’t overuse their name because this can become very annoying. My philosophy is if I hate it, so will someone else.Be sure to ask questions to encourage them to talk about themselves. Empathize. However, don’t do a lot of talking until you are sure you understand. Let them do the majority of talking. If you pick a certain time frame to make your calls, or do a certain number of calls in a row, try to say it a little differently each time. If you don’t you will start to sound stale, lose your happy voice and sound as if you are reading a script. So if this starts to occur, take a break, or stop for the day. As we discussed earlier in this article if your product is a high end one you will make several calls to establish a relationship. Once you have done this, and they remember who you are, introduce something new about your product. Keep a record of your calls, and details of what you discussed previously, so that you know where you stand when you call again. When I worked for a franchise company, I kept a record of every call that came in from franchisees or calls I made. First, my employer was amazed at the amount of knowledge I had about franchisees at my fingertips, and more important the franchisees felt like they were the only one, I knew them so well.Using the telephone can help you get repeat business. For certain products, you can call customers to see how they are doing with the product. Maybe there are additional questions you could answer or problems you might be able to solve. If everything is going well, you have a excellent opportunity to introduce your newest product, and hopefully, make another sale. This is also a great time to ask for referrals. Even if the follow up call doesn’t pay off right away, you are building a relationship with this customer. Remember it is a lot easier to keep a customer happy than to find another one. Your follow-up also builds credibility with your customers. Doing the above will give your business a boost.Copyright 2003 DeFiore Enterprises