Sendmail with Drobo



I currently use the Drobo (with DroboShare) as the key element of my backup strategy.

I perform nightly backups on my webserver with a cronjob.

I wrote a shell script on my DroboShare which downloads the backupfiles and stores them on the Drobo. This script is scheduled with cron. I would like to implement a kind of notification in case something went wrong.

Is there a way to send emails from the DroboShare (something like “mail” or “sendmail”) ?

Thanks in advance


If there isn’t one then a simple MUA to send EMail from the command line seems like a good DroboApp.

Let me poke around the machine for a while see if there is anything native… if there isn’t then I’ll package something up.


If there’s still interest in this…

There is a -very- simple mail sending applet bundled with apcupsd that can be compiled for the drobo.

I’m getting ready to submit apcupsd to DroboApps, so you could always grab it from there.


Did you manage to get apcupsd compiled for drobo? I’m also looking forward to have mail service on the drobo.