Seeking MacAir & DroboFS wisdom from the learned

Is it even possible to use a Drobo FS as a Direct Storage Device with MacAir either via ethernet >thunderbolt>computer connection or via ethernet>thunderbolt hub>thunderbolt connection to computer?

You can connect it that way, but it’s still a network storage device - just a very small network. You’ll still be connecting with network protocols and such, not direct connecting like USB/Firewire/Thunderbolt.

With the Drobo support team on the phone, I successfully connected and mounted a Drobo FS to my MacAir (mid-2013) using OXS 10.9.4 via ethernet port on a Belkin Thunderbolt hub. The key is to ensure Belkin unit is reset before adding the Drobo FS so it can recognize the device when added.

I am currently seeking advise on how to delete or move a file before I begin to off load files to the Drobo for storage. The MAC command results in an error message suggesting the file is in use and cannot be deleted. I’m sure someone has the workaround, it is just not intuitive to me.