Seeing what is accessing the drives on drobo v2

Is there a way to see what is accessing the drobo v2? I have an imac running 10.6.8 and when the drobo is connected to the imac there is constant drive activity and it ceases if I eject the drobo and disconnect it from the computer. If it’s left connected, even though it’s been ejected, there is still drive activity.
Is there a way of seeing what is accessing the drobo? Please help

I’m not a mac guy, but the drobo just appears like any other disk drive as far as the OS is concerned

on windows i would use system resourse manager to see which processes are reading and writing to the disk

i dont know what you would use on macs


If I try to put the drobo in standby using dashboard, it says something is accessing the drive and to stop all processes and then try the OS to eject the disk. The system won’t allow me to eject, only force eject so it definately seems something on the Mac is accessing the drive but I can’t find out what.

Please help

Thanks for the reply. There is something called activity monitor but not sure how to set it up to see what is accessing the drobo.

The usual culprits are security or anti-virus software, or any software that scans drives. In OSX, Spotlight may also be constantly indexing the Drobo’s volume. You can test if it’s Spotlight by adding the Drobo’s volume to the Privacy list in Spotlight’s preferences. If activity ceases, it’s Spotlight.

In Activity Monitor, you can see which files are open by clicking on the application and then the ‘open files and ports’ tab.

I also find ‘lsof’ to be quite handy

lsof | grep ‘application name’