second volume on drobo

i am a newbie so please be patient :wink:
i bought a drobo 2 a couple of months ago and set it up with two 1.5 Tb drives. Just plugged them in and waited for it to do its stuff. I am on MAC OSX fully updated system, and also keep updating the drobo to new firmwares, (1.3.5 and 1.6.7 currently). Initial setup s HFS+ maximum capacity 2TB. I dont recall having to choose anywhere about this capacity somewhere but this is what it says now, on the dashboard page.
Today i added another 1.5 drive and it did something on the machine, lights blinked etc, then all turned to green so i though ok, then a msg popped saying please reboot drobo to allocate new space, which i did, and after the reboot another msg popped saying new drive please format, which i did and now i have this picture.
Two volumes both HFS+ both 2TB max capacity.
But the storage capacity graph on top shows 1,17 used and 1,54 free as if its one volume.
Can someone explain what i did wrong. I though you just plug a new drive in and it expands your volume. I just followed the software suggestions and now have two volume. I only want one though.

  1. is there a way to merge the two volumes without formatting and loosing my data.
  2. if i ignore this and and just use the one volume will it use the space of all the three 1.5 drives in there? or is the space now broken in two separate volumes of equal size?

The pie chart shows drobo as a whole

  1. no

  2. each 2tb partition can hold its own data but the free space is shared between them. If you put 2tb on one, you could only fit 1tb on the other (even though it would show free space)

If you want a big volume you will need to wipe it and start over with an 8 or 16tb volume

Thanks Docchris for the reply
I assume i have to start over and to do this i need to copy off my data.
How do i do this? Format from the drobo dashboard. Can i go and settup the biggest possible volume 16tb say, without having so many actual drives in there? onl the three that i have now? again i assume yes. This is probably a stupid question but anyway. I think i understand what is wrong now, although i do not remember setting my self the drive to 2TB size…
oh well
thanks again

2tb is default

Yes you need to empty it

Yes you can set 16 TB volume with any number and size of drives

Good luck