Searching the drive from a MAC

I’ve looked all over and can’t seem to find anything on this, so here goes.

we just bought the FS to replace a chain of frequently replaced 2TB LaCie’s. They are used as a searchable back-up of our years of artwork archives. Searchable being the keyword. From the PC it searches OK and I have the option of indexing the drive, but Mac no longer has that option.

So, here is the question, does anyone know of a way or a program or something to search this beast faster?? It will search, eventually, I left it run all day and it took over 14 hours to search the drive.

we have 5- 2TB drives, with 1 Drive as back up, currently with only 2.5 TB used. just upgraded the switch to a Gigbit switch, searching from an Intel Core 2 Duo Imac.

Any help? Customer service said check the forums.

I did just take the firmware update though, so I’ll see if that helped any.