Hello :slight_smile:

Recently got a DROBO FS, hooked to a network which two computers connect to. We are using Macs with Lion osx.

We keep a lot of daily edited files on there, with no problems of access to them.
However, we can’t seem to find the items we are looking for using the simple Finder search.
Example, I am looking for Photo4985.jpg located ‘somewhere’ on Drobo, using Finder, but it doesn’t find it! I checked the “On This Mac” option, “All my files” option and the “Shared” option (which to me would make the most sense).

I’m at loss. I’m also very new to this biz :slight_smile: help would be much appreciated.

Kind regards.
Just to clarify : This is only when I need to look for a file when I don’t know where it is located!

Unfortunately, spotlight doesn’t work for network volumes, such as the DroboFS. The reason being it has no way of telling when changes occur, so it can’t index them. You’ll have to look to third-party search solutions that use their own indexing mechanism.

I’ve also been annoyed at the lack of Spotlight, but there’s really not much that can be done.

Thank you kindly for your quick response…this is unfortunately very disappointing. Lord knows we often name our files asdf.jpg and put it in some obscure folder :slight_smile:

Thanks again!