Seagate ST1500DL003

Is the Seagate ST1500DL003 compatible with Drobo V2? I removed a failing 1Tb drive, and inserted one of these, and ended up with 4 red lights. I backed out, and put the failing drive back in, and I’m back in business again.

I have no way of testing the Seagate drive other than in the Drobo, so I’ve ordered an external USB2/SATA caddy, with which I can test the drive before I try it in the Drobo again.

There’s nothing wrong with the ST1500DL003 - it’s working find in my new caddy - so the Drobo must have been caught out somehow when I inserted it. I’ll power it off next time, before replacing the failing drive.
However, the “failing” drive is no longer failing (I’m no longer getting the system pauses, and the Event ID 51 entries in the system log) so maybe it was just something loose, somewhere.

hi Swifty,
its good to hear things are working ok again…
youmight want to find a way of scanning/smart scanning that drive (or asking dri to help analyse the logs) in case there was something more untoward?[hr]
it could be vibration over time, maybe, (i had to put cork feet on the bottom of my drobos to stop them vibrating)
imaging 4 drives at 5400-7200 rpms, all spining and girating like gyrospokes :slight_smile: its possible vibrations took hold i guess :slight_smile:

If I had to guess, I’d suggest dust as the culprit. The larger drives leave almost no gaps between them for cooling air circulation, and over time dust clogs the gaps.
I’m also worried by the amount of dust that was sitting on the surface of the visible circuit-board of the drive that I took out.

We have four dogs, and we live in an area where the geology is mostly clay. The clay sticks to the dogs when wet, then it forms an incredibly fine dust when the dogs dry out. I’m surprised that devices which are not hermetically sealed last as long as they do, in our house.

sounds like a job for an “anti-clay, dog quarantine compartment” - dogs come in from outside, and must pas through a mini-carwash corridoor before regaining access to your house and drobo rooms :slight_smile:

Interesting… Do you use a Rainbow vacuum?

We have daydreamed about such a device, but it was far simpler. We trained our dogs to take a shower after their walks. True, they need a human (me) to turn on the shower, but they do most everything themselves. They queue up, get in the shower, lift their legs so I can shower underneath. They’re not so hot with the towels though; I have to dry them, and clean the towels.
I can see where most of the dust now goes - down the shower drain.

heheh :slight_smile: