Seagate problems


I wonder if anyone can help. I recently installed a new 5TB drive replacing a 1.5TB drive, all was fine. Ordered a new 5TB drive and replaced a 1.5TB drive, all fine until I copied new data at which point the first 5TB drive “failed” so I removed it and put one of the 1.5TB drives back all, all fine again.

I tested the 5TB drive I took out and I cannot see any issues with it so after a couple of weeks I put it back in NOT the same slot it came out of, again replacing a smaller drive. Mirroring finishes, I copy data to drobo and the OTHER 5TB drive “fails”

Its currently in the process of rebuilding after I put a 1.5 back in. But this seems really odd to me.

Has anyone else seen behavior like this? can it be worked around? both are Seagate drives, I am running drobo firmware 3.5.12 [8.96.86249]


hi guschops, it does sound like a bit of a mystery…

can i check which drobo you have, is it possibly a 5n (or the 8 drive B810n version)?
and if you are using single SDR drive redunancy mode currently, or dual mode DDR?

when you mentioned the drive failed, it probably was with flashing lights though can i just check that it was flashing or blinking a red bay light for the drive that failed each time (or if it was a solid red light there?)

after the rebuild is complete, if you can also look in dashboard, does it show any Warning, or Healed message labels for any of the drives? (it will probably be good to take some diagnostics logs later too, though please do not generate any logs until after the rebuild process is complete and when the drobo is stable, with all solid lights, ideally green)

there are some issues with the smr/archive drives, and that may just be for the 8TB drives, though do you have any other info about that seagate drive, like a model and firmware of it?