Seagate 3 TB support?

Will the DroboPro be able to use these new (Seagate or otherwise) +2 TB drives?

basic answer: yes

longer answer: it might require a firmware tweak - and at least I would wait for an official word from DRI saying the drives have been validated for use.

Technically yes. But yes wait until we get some and test them.

Good to know. Thanks

Jennifer - if you need anyone to “help” with testing - just send me eight 3 tb drives and i’ll be happy to give my feedback :wink:

Ask Seagate, they make the drives. :wink:

Don’t you guys get drives in advance from Seagate/WD for testing purposes?

Speaking from experience with other large hardware manufacturers, unless you have a really good rep, nope. :frowning:

Yes, if the drive manufacturer is willing or agrees.

I would think Seagate would gladly provide DRI with advance drives so once they’re available to everyone DRI can have promotions saying “DROBOPRO - NOW UP TO 24TB WITH THESE NEW SEAGATE DRIVES!!!” instead of waiting for a testing and compatibility process.