Scrambled folder names on B800fs

Recently we’ve noticed that when accessing our Drobo B800FS from a Macbook Pro Retina that a number of the folder names appear scrambled - random letters and numbers.
We have tried accessing the drobo from two separate Macbook Pros, and while one displays the correct file names, another displays scrambled folder names.

Additionally the Drobo no longer shoes up on the network on an iMac that previously had no issues reading and identifying the drobo.

Does anyone have any advice as to what could be causing this?

We found another case the same online, but it had not responses - https://discussions.apple.com/thread/7179023?start=0&tstart=0

hi, if one computer is still working fine and reading the correct data and names on the drobo, then it seems like the drobo is itself ok… it might be worth running a memory checker on that mac though, just in case there is something funny with that computer somehow? (am not sure if memtest is available for the mac, but hopefully sure there is a memory testing program available for mac too?)

it might also be worth running a diskwarrior on that actual macs computer drive as well, just in case.


  • The computer that previously could read correct file names started seeing scrambled folder names.
  • Waited a few days then it was able to read the folder names again - noticed some folders contained / symbol, so have removed these.
  • Need to wait a few more days until the other computer is back and connecting to the drobo to see if this has rectified the issue.

hi peter, thanks for the update.
do you have a list of programs that are generally using the drobo or accessing drobo data?
and to possibly compare those between the 2 machines?