Scan and Fix Drobo?

Whenever I start up my Windows 7 64bit laptop I get a message to “Scan and fix” my USB attached Drobo. It was previously on a DroboShare before I attached it to the laptop (very recently). Not sure if its OK to go ahead and run this or if there’s another way to get rid of this prompt.


you should run that - there is no hard in running a file system check on a drobo volume and t will correct and file system errors you may have.

Thanks for the reply. So I go ahead and run the tool with it set to automatically fix any issues. It gets stuck at one point. Left it for quite a while, but it doesn’t get past it. I cancel and then I can access the Drobo. But when I restart the computer I get the same message. Ran it again and it got stuck in the same place.

Any idea what’s going on? Should I just let it run until its done? It just doesn’t seem to be doing anything.

You could try manually running Chkdsk on it.

Chkdsk /F D:
(assuming D: is the drive letter your Drobo is)

How big is your volume?

Chkdsk has issues on 8 and 16tb volumes

But yes, it can take a very very long tome to complete

I have an 8TB volume, so I can see why it would take longer. But its now been running for 20 hrs. Stuck on “127422 index entries processed” the whole time. Very annoying. Will the other posters recommendation to manually run Chkdsk make a difference? I’m leaving for work shortly, so I’ll let it run, but I don’t think it’ll make a difference.

its not to do with that - chkdsk on win 7 - it’s simply broken on 8/16TB volumes (i guess MS didnt bother checking that before they shipped it)

you can either run it from a vista machine

or it should eventually say that it found no errors - but it still wont actually “complete”

If you have a Vista machine, run it there. On my 16TB Drobo, Win7 x64 gives me the summary, but never returns to the command prompt.

Ok, well I just cancelled it. It ran for about 30 hours. I gave up. I don’t have a Vista PC like everyone is suggesting. Will ignore it for now I guess. Thanks everyone.