SAMSUNG Spinpoint F2EG HD154UI

Has anyone used the SAMSUNG Spinpoint F2EG HD154UI 1.5TB drive with their drobos yet? I’ve ordered a couple to replace two existing 1 TB Samsung drives.

I’m using Samsung EcoGreen F2 1TB SATAII drives in my Drobo. Performance wise they’re fine, but a bit noisy when transferring data (clunking sound).


I have two of the F2 drives as well, replacing them with the 1.5 TB ones.

Just picked up two of these and the drobo loves them so far, no problems with recognition, formatting or copying (29MB/s). They make a whine when they spin down but otherwise I never hear them (no seek “clunk”). Let me know if there is anything specific you want tested about them, I am putting them through their paces now, can’t seem to avoid the “disconnected” error after wake from sleep so I am not completely happy at this point.

Well, they didn’t work for me at all. The drobo rejected them after a complete rebuild. Glad you got some use out of them.

I just bought a second Drobo and a Drobo share.

My second Drobo was filled up with 4 of those 1.5 TB Samsung F2 hard drives.

The 1.5 TB drives are working without problems as expected untill now.

I have two Seagates 1.5G with one SAMSUNG 1.5G HD154UI.

The Samsung keeps zoning out and the Drobo keeps needing to rebuild nearly each time i switch the Drobo off and back on.

Im going to get rid of it and get another Seagate. I tried switching the bay, thinking it might be the Drobo that was faulty, but it keeps on doing it.

And its very noisy.