Samsung F4 Vs WD20EARS 2tb

Hi , new to drobo and am looking to upgrade a couple of my drives.

I have spent ages trying to find out if either of the 2 mentioned drives are ok in the drobo but have yet to find a definitive answer.

Could anybody help me and tell me which one is better to buy , I dont know if the samsung will have its firmware upgraded or not but i’m just looking to buy a couple of drives and shove them straight in !!

the ears work perfectly

thanks for the reply , I was a bit weary of the ears after reading the thread about avoiding it but i just reread it and noticed they are talking about 3tb drives not 2tb .

This test shows much better write performance for Samsung F4 than for WD20EARS.
My own experience concurs : the WD20EARS have abysmally poor write performance, especially for the early released ones (later firmware provided some improvement).
See also this thread.

your first link - they seem to be talking about newer versions of the drive with 3 rather than 4 platters - thats nothing to do with firmware - thats a much higher areal density (33% if basic maths holds out), plus thats using a regular desktop file systems - not drobo’s own internal block-based layout, so im not at all convinced that the results would carry over

So i’m even more confused now !!! Thanks for your replies both , I guess they both work fine so i’ll just buy whichever i can get cheapest .

i had 8 of those in a drobopro, it worked perfectly for over a year and was fast :slight_smile:

The weak link in this chain is not the disk, it’s the Drobo V2 processor and what it’s trying to do. My EARS drives are not as fast as my EADS drives but it’s a difference of 60MB/s vs 50 MB/s or something like that (as internal drives on my Win 7 mid tower machine). You’ll be lucky to get 20 MB/s out of the Drobo once it’s well loaded.

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