Samsung F4 2Tb in Drobo V2?


I am thinking of getting a couple of Samsung F4 2Tb drives for my new (second hand) Drobo V2.

It has all the latest firmware.

Anyone else using these?

Any issues/concerns/problems I should be aware off?

Originally I was going to get WD but after reading the forums will not go this route!!!

Only issue I can see is the high platter density and 4k sectors?


why wont you go for the WDs. they are generally accepted as being the “best” for drobos

High load unload cycles worry me a lot!

And this seems to be a major issue with WD.

I have 2 WD 1Tb drives and I have had 4 failures and replacements in 2 years!!!


Load/unload cycles are an issue with the green drives and the way they are accessed. What OS did you have such failures in?

Also, if the cooling is inadequate the drives will die a premature death too. My first incarnation of homebrew RAID cooked about 8 drives to death within a year and a half. Needless to say, I learned a lot.

EDIT: Yes, I meant inadequate, not adequate. Thanks Docchris. :slight_smile:

*inadequate bhiga ? :wink:

you can change the timeout for the load/unload on the WD drives (i have set it to 30 seconds on all of mine), and im not sure that is an issue with the vxworks that drobos run on - i think they access the drives often enough

~Drives had plenty of cooling and never seemed very hot.

They were attached to an Apple TimeCapsule.

Although 2 of the failures happened in their earlier home of a Synology DS207.


Not sure why they’d fail in a Synology unit…

If TimeCapsule’s access pattern is Linux-esque, the drives would be prone to excessive load/unload cycling unless you’ve changed the timer (Idle3).

If you need the WDIDLE3 utility, you can get v1.05 from WD’s site. Note that it’s a DOS app that needs to be booted in pure DOS, so you might need a boot disk. I have a small bootable USB stick that I use for pure DOS stuff like this.

I had to change the Idle3 timer in order for my Series3 TiVo to boot with a Caviar AV-GP drive.

Not having access to any kind of PC the utility has never been of use I am afraid.

In the Synology I saw huge number of load/unload cycles!

Makes more sense to buy a drive that does not exhibit this problem!


synology’s run linux - thats what causes the drives to fail - they dont have a linux"esque" access pattern - they are linux!

That’s an option too. AFAIK Drobo does not have the problem.