Samba and dropouts


I have this problem using the droboshare. Frequently when moving files in and out of the droboshare volumes I get an Error 51 on the mac and the transfer is stopped. Looking in the logs I notice the following messages appear

Sep 24 12:58:13 admin-accounts-imac kernel[0]: smb_iod_reconnect: Reconnected share DATASTORE1 with server DroboShare

There will generally be a whole bunch of these.

Anyone got any ideas on what they mean ?

Many Thanks


You could always try using AFP instead of Samba. This is provided with the BackMyFruitUp package.

Try it yourself and let me know.

I’ve installed it but am having some difficulty getting it to work. When I try and connect via afp I just get asked for a username and password and I can’t seem to get past that.

Still digging though.


When you click on DroboCapsule it asks you for a username/password? Have you tried selecting the Guest option?


what firmware version are you on for your drobo and droboshare?

I would also recommend directly connecting the drobo to your computer and running repair disk from disk utility.