Salvaging my data from the DroboFS

since my last post didn’t yield any response I’m now at the state of trying to salvage the data from my DroboFS.

So my questions are:

  1. If I manage to get hold of another DroboFS (with default settings, empty) - and I’ll put my disks in it (assuming the data is there) - Will I be able to read them ?

  2. If I reset my own DroboFS while the disks are out of it - and then put them back in - Will I be able to read the data?

  3. A manual/guide on how to attach serial cable to the Drobo and maybe salvage it using bah commands would also be appreciated…

thanks for any leads,



  1. Yes.

  2. I’m not sure with the FS. To be sure I’d insert an empty drive alone first, then wait for it to come online, then shutdown and reinsert the original diskpack.

  3. There is no known way to get to the console, although there are a few suspiciously looking connectors on the motherboard.